The Trail Committee of the Bridge Valley Community Association was formed with a vision to provide, within the Bridge Valley and it’s tributaries:

A renowned, well-organized network of sustainable trails, with opportunities for all, which provides benefits for all trail users, community and visitors.

A renowned trail network

Trails can be locally cherished, popular in a particular area or sought out by travellers; but when locals or visitors think about some of the best trail experiences, the Bridge River Valley should come to mind.

Well-organized network of sustainable trails

A well-organized network of sustainable trails balances environmental, social and economic values and ensures our trails are viable over the long term for future generations to enjoy.

Opportunities for all

Trails in the Bridge River Valley are enjoyed by a diverse range of users with a diverse set of recreation values. The Bridge River Valley trail network must provide opportunities for all user groups while fostering respect between the users and for the environment.

Benefits for trail users, community, and visitors

“To ensure support for trails, all members of the community must realize the benefits trails provide for all.”

The Committee’s Trail Program is lead by the following Guiding Principles:

* Sound Environmental Stewardship and Management
* Respect and Recognition for the St’át’imc Nation’s Traditional Territories
* Mutual Respect between Trail Interests and Other Resource Users
* Respect and Understanding among Diverse Trail Interests
* Partnerships and Collaboration
* Recreation Opportunities for All Trail Users
* Benefits for Resident’s, Community, and Visitors

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